Aluminium Scrap Decoater

Decoating is the process by which paint, ink, paper, plastic and oil are removed from the surface of aluminium material for recyclability.
In the IDEX® decoater the hot gas from the afterburner travels down a central tube inside the rotary drum and returns counter-flow to the scrap. The hot gas from the afterburner creates a highly radiant surface over the first length of the tube, where is the input material.

IDEX 5000 kgh (003)
The IDEX equipment is designed for continuous process:
• Material to process Aluminium shred Scrap, as Profiles, windows frames, …
• Material size 10 to 100 mm
• Bulk density between 600 - 800 kg/m3
• VOC content 3-5 % for design basis, 5% maximum
• Capacity up 5000 kg/hrv Input in continuous process
• Kiln Barrel Cylindrical type with centrally mounted tube
• Rotary driven by Pin Rack & Pinion.
• Recirculation Fan and Cyclone.
• Afterburner at 950ºC designed for residence time adjusted to maximize efficiency with Combustion System Cold Air / Natural Gas nozzle mix Burners
• Waste gas heat exchanger for heat up air combustion.
• Control cabinet with MMC, PLC and HMI Operator panelScrap Decoater IDEX 5000