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    MEMAN es un proyecto subvencionado y desarrollado dentro del paraguas del programa HORIZONT 2020 de la Unión Europea donde 3 clusters europeos-26 empresas (Casting cluster- liderado por Mondragon Corporation y donde colabora Insertec /  Surface finishing cluster - liderado por la francesa CETIM /y machining Cluster - liderado por la germano-austriaca EIFFO).

    Colaboran para elaborar desarrollos dentro del mundo del metal, que mejoren la huella energética de las soluciones que se ofrecen actualmente en el mercado.


    Con el objetivo de presentar el trabajo realizado hasta la fecha ;se desarrollaron unas jornadas para presentar al Officer  designado por Bruselas el avance del proyecto MEMAN, que se encuentra en su último año de desarrollo.

    Las reuniones comenzaron con una primera visita y reunión en las instalaciones de Loramendi S. Koop., para posteriormente (el segundo día) visitar brevemente las instalaciones de Edertek S. Koop. y Fagor Ederlan S. Koop. y finalmente presentar el demostrador llevado a cabo por Insertec en sus propias instalaciones._JMA2849

    Este demostrador permitirá no solo testar materiales de clientes existentes y futuros, permitiendo convertirse en una estupenda herramienta de ventas, y de pruebas de nuevos materiales y desarrollos, sino, además, ser capaces de adaptar en un proceso real (no simulado) mejoras al sistema que hasta la fecha solo éramos capaces de chequear una vez estábamos en las instalaciones del cliente, con la consiguiente ventaja competitiva.

    Por último se realizó una reunión de seguimiento y definición de acciones de los diferentes clusters, ya sin la presencia del officer en el hotel Ercilla de Bilbao."

    Para más información;

    Here the link to the article about the release of the casting cluster video:



    Stable material PLASTIC PATCH is a compressible refractory joint filler, developed for Anode Baking Furnaces, to protect expansion gaps against clogging with packing coke during heat up and operation, and prevent the distortion of flue-walls during thermal cycling. Developed by CIR Laboratory Canada ( ), PLASTIC PATCH is available worldwide from INSERTEC Furnaces and Refractories (


    Packing coke plays an essential process role in anode baking. However, the infiltration of its finer grains into expansion gaps, particularly those between flue- and end-walls, quickly leads to clogging, increased maintenance cleaning, even flue-wall distortion and eventually increased refractory repair costs. Poorly mortared brick joints, exposed during heat up, also suffer similar infiltration and clogging problems.

    PLASTIC PATCH provides a stable and permanent solution to coke grains infiltration. Made from exfoliated vermiculite and fine-grain anhydrous aluminosilicate, and suitable for applications up to 1350c, PLASTIC PATCH adapts to these thermal expansion forces, by maintaining a glassy-phase during heat-up, allowing it to compress under thermal expansion, then heat-set to a hardened finish (1.2g/cm³ at 1200c) to maintain a tight seal.PLASTIC

    Unlike conventional ceramic fibre or mortar options, PLASTIC PATCH does not shrink (<2%), or become brittle at temperature, and therefore does not need to be replaced at the end of each cell firing cycle. Occasional light repairs, if necessary, can be skimmed directly onto existing clean product. Both ways, downtime is minimised, and furnace availability is improved.

    PLASTIC PATCH is supplied premixed, in cartons, ready for use. If additional flow is needed, up to 5% water can be added. In tight working spaces, its brownish-grey colour allows filled gaps and joints to be easily identified against refractory brickwork. Initial set is after 15 minutes, at +5°c. For larger areas, application can be by pump, or trowel. Finer joints and gaps can be hand-packed as required. Tools can be quickly cleaned with warm water. PLASTIC PATCH is non-corrosive, and does not contain irritants, known physical hazards or carcinogens, however wearing PPE is recommended. Storage should be for up to 12 months.

    For the best results on new or larger gaps; PATCH GRIP, LIQUID ANCHOR and SOLID ANCHOR, also from CIR/INSERTEC, are additional products that can be used with PLASTIC PATCH.



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